IBM and Compatibles: OS2: BBBS
Additional Notes:
BBBS is a very powerful BBS system written by two Finnish programmers (Kim Heino & Tapani Salmi). BBBS has been developed since 1990 and still has a continous developement. BBBS is a fullfledged BBS system which incorporates all of your needs for setting up your own BBS. BBBS contains full Internet and Fidonet support. Fidonet messages and Internet news and email are embedded together with a versatile WWW-based, offline and online message reading system. BBBS is easy to customize to suit every need imaginable. It is configurable also from the user's point of view. There are hundreds of 3rd party utilities available, mostly coded with BBBS's C-alike script language. -
bbbs_2.lzh () () Bbbs/2 V3.14.95 GT Executables () Bbbs V3.14.95 GT Common Files () BBBS v4.00 MP. Complete BBS package with WWW/InterNet/modem/ISDN/LAN based access modes. Everything you need to run a BBS! InterNet, telnet, WWW, FTP, POP3, HTTP, news, email, FidoNet, mailer, mail processor, TICK, AllFix...