IBM and Compatibles: WINDOWS: LORABBS
Author: Marco Maccaferri
Versions: 2.99.41 (May, 1997), v2.9.41 FREEWARE (June, 1999)
Additional Notes:
"The most advanced BBS, FidoNet mailer and mail processor ever seen. If features multiple message bases (Squish, JAM, AdeptXBBS, Hudson and Fido *.MSG), multiple offline mail reader (ASCII, QWK, BlueWave and PointMail), Telnet and FTP clients, USENET news reader, internal file transfer protocols, ANSI Avatar and RIP graphics, and much more. Available for DOS, OS/2, Windows (NT and 95) and Linux operating systems."

This is a quintuple-platform system, with versions for DOS, OS/2, Windows and Linux. The last "official" version by the original author is from 1997, but in 1999 Craig Castle's attempts to take over the project and continue it, promising to turn it into a Version 3.0 and continue development. This does not seem to materialize.

Craig Castle writes "Yes, the 3.0 version was promised before I came to a very important realization: the only compiler that will actually build the DOS, Win32, and OS/2 versions is the Watcom 10.6 compiler because of a dependency on the pre-compiled CXL libraries. Newer versions will not build them because of a change in the way the compiler produced object code and the CXL libraries have been out of production for years. I actually found your site looking for the older GoldED open source project because Odin Sorenson had been working on getting rid of that dependency for the Linux version and was including the modified LoraBBS with the GoldED source once upon a time. I just can't find the blasted file on any of my old backup CDs.. Anyway, you don't have the final version I released, 2.60, which is the first and only basically stable and usable version out there. I did make 2.61 beta version which was never released but the only thing really changed was that it was able to run DOS doors and that was more of a "git 'er done" kind of fix as I recall. Here's the 2.60 installer. Enjoy!" () LoraBBS v2.99.41 - Beta release for Win32 (NT and 95)
lora260.exe () Last stable version of LoraBBS for Windows by Craig Castle () LoraBBS v2.9.41 FREEWARE upgrade for Win32.