IBM and Compatibles: WINDOWS: MINDWIRE
Author: Durand Communications (Andre Durand)
Software Website:
Additional Notes:
Described by the Durand Communications website as 'A Complete Turn-Key Online Bulletin Board Platform for Windows NT', developed from 1993 to 1996 "back when BBS's where the Bomb!" On September 27, 2002, Andre Durand released the software for free download. () MindWire NT BBS Client Software v2.10b by Andre Durand
release.txt () Press Release Announcing Mindwire Server v1.0 by Andre Durand (April 28, 1995)
awards.txt () Press Release: Mindwire Wins Dvorak Award for Outstanding Windows Client/Server BBS (August 25, 1995) () Mindwire NT 2.10c Server by Andrew Durand