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Author: Brad Friedman (Apparently)
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The breathless PowerBBS Website describes itself this way:

PowerBBS is the only choice if you're considering starting an online system or upgrading your current BBS package to a superior platform. PowerBBS runs completely under Microsoft Windows(TM) and supports Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT! Put the power of 32 bit processing behind your BBS with PowerBBS96 32-bit for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Download a demo of PowerBBS. For sales information email to Russell Frey or order online now. For technical support please complete our technical support form.

PowerBBS supports full Internet connectivity including: FTP, Telnet, and winsock applications (Netscape, WS FTP, etc.) using DPPP - the internet connectivity tool for PowerBBS! Bring subscribers to your system like never before and satisfy the growing demand for access to the World Wide Web.

Create visually exciting screens for PowerBBS with PowerGenerator - the fully graphical 'WYSIWYG' design tool for PowerBBS! PowerGen is incredibly easy to use and will allow you to create professional looking screens and menus with very little effort.

Designing visually exciting screens is a snap with PowerGenerator - no artistic ability required! However, design services are available to get your system up in a hurry with a highly professional appearance. () PowerBBS FOR WINDOWS v3.5 (Disk 2/2) () PowerBBS FOR WINDOWS v5.00 () PowerBBS for Windows v2.00 () PowerBBS for Windows v5.11 upgrade. Requires v5.10. () PowerBBS for Windows v2.5 () PowerBBS FOR WINDOWS v3.5 (Disk 1/2) () Upgrade to v5.05 of PowerBBS for Windows