NetWatch ScreemSheet:2020

Beta Site Requirements

To be a beta site you must understand that ShockWavE:PRO is in its development stages. Certain things will not work properly and some may not work at all. ShockWavE:PRO is not resposible for any damages done to your computer equipment (Hardware, Software, or periferals). As a beta site you are required to report any errors along with a detail description of the problem. Also, if you see something that looks 'weird' and should be shown in a different way, please let us know along with your Bug-Report. Please feel free to offer any type of suggestion or ways you would like things done. We would like to see a Bug-Report or Fix-List at least twice a month, if the problem seems to be a MAJOR problem (crippling the software or running of the BBS system) it should be reported immediatly. Other bugs should be put in a list, so we the programmers can fix all the bugs at once. All suggestions, as mentioned above will be accepted. Not all your ideas will be implemented, but we will look over your thoughts.

If you do deside to run ShockWavE:PRO as test site (beta) we also require you to be a dedicated user of the software. We are looking for users that can understand and handle problems that may or may not occur in ShockWavE:PRO. ShockWavE:PRO has been tested on four independant machines under different configurations. All major errors/bugs have either been fixed or are currently being worked on. As a beta site you will recieve a free copy of ShockWavE Pro in exchange for these services. We reserve the right to limit amount of beta sites and to terminate your ShockWavE:PRO Beta Site status.

Also, you must have experience running previous BBS software and understand the concepts of modeming. You are also required to delete ShockWavE:PRO if you decide that you can no longer support the software. This will not be held against you in anyway. If you don't want to run it anymore, fine. I thank you for the help you provided and hope someday you might want to run ShockWavE:PRO again...

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