IBM and Compatibles: WINDOWS: SHOTGUN
Author: Brent Shellenberg
Additional Notes:
Windows BBS program, disassembled and abandoned by the developer. His personal website,, mentions several strong opinions on developing BBSes and the BBS world in general:

"Weren't you really thick into the BBS scene at one time? Yeah, at one time I was...I got tired of dealing with mouthy little kids that were always trying to convince people that they were somebody really influential in the computer world and starting flame wars with anyone who knew better (a'la Joshua Einstein). Face it, if you are a 14 year old kid, there are absolutely no big players in the computer world paying any attention to you, period...It doesn't matter if you've written the coolest BBS game in history, nobody outside of the dead-and-gone BBS world of DOS and batch files gives a flying fuck, no matter how old you are. Hell, the only people who even use BBSes anymore are those who run BBSes. So, you're a BBS sysop...Oh, isn't that cute...Get over it, grow up, and do something productive and impressive already, little boy!"

"Have you ever considered releasing your old source code? I've already released the source code to all of my old BBS related programs, with the exception of the old MAX Graphics GUI stuff (my RIP graphics replacement). I have no idea where any of that stuff ended up by now, but I'm sure that somebody out there has it stashed away someplace. The MAX Graphics GUI stuff was sold off to a small telephone equipment manufacturer in December of 1999, that's probably the only BBS related program in history that ever did anything worthwhile outside of the BBS world. No, I don't have any of that source code laying around here anymore either, even my Win32 port of the Shotgun BBS package is history now. Come on people, please quit asking me for my old source code because I simply can't provide it. My suggestion - do what I did, roll yer own..."