IBM and Compatibles: WINDOWS: WINS (Wildcat! Interactive Network Server)
Author: Mustang Software (Now Santronics Software)
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Additional Notes:
Next-generation Windows product from Mustang Software, with some amount of Wildcat! built into it. The company blurb describes it this way: "More than just a Web Server...More than just a BBS... Wildcat! Interactive Net Server is the World's Most Complete Multi-Device Internet/Intranet package providing solutions for a broad range of Internet/Intranet and Remote Access needs. WIN Server includes and combines SSL (Secured Socket Layer), WEB, SMTP/POP3 (EMAIL), FTP, TELNET, RADIUS, NNTP (News) Server, PPP server, Terminal Server, direct modem dial up technology with a secured User, Mail and File Database to give you the most complete "intranet/BBS" system of its kind!" It retailed for $3,995. () Wildcat! v5. Includes 16 line registration key.