Author: Spellweaver (James Black)
Versions: v1.00b2 (April 14, 1999)
Software Website:
Additional Notes:
Xenoterra is a Freeware Windows-Compatible BBS system with hooks for both dial-in and TCP/IP connections.

I was able to find mentions of work on Xenoterra by Spellweaver as early as 1996. Work was done on a API for doors for Xenoterra as well. The version in this entry is a 1.00 beta released on 1999 and is the only available copy. The website for Xenoterra includes information that a further release is due in 2004; considering the software is first mentioned in May of 1996, a release happens in 1999, and the next possibility of a release if five years later, the schedule for this software is slow indeed. () XENOTERRA (TM) BBS v1.00b2 - 14 APR 1999 A Freeware BBS for Windows 95/98/NT