TANDY: COCO (Color Computer): The Best BBS
Author: Tom Babich
Additional Notes:
Tom Babich writes "I wrote a popular BBS for Gallery Software in 1983; they marketed it until 1989 (Spectral Associates also marketed the software). It ran cross platform on the Dragon 32 and 64 computers (England), the Prologica (Brazil), the Tandy TDP-100 and Radio Shack Color Computers 1/II/III (CoCo) here in the US. The vendors primarily advertised the product in Rainbow Magazine (Falsoft publishers). What I remember most: Unlike the webserver and mailserver programming I do today, all of the missing pieces of the OS (getting data on and off the wire - the webserver and mailserver components so to speak) had to be written by hand in assembly (machine language); very time consuming!"
bestbbsad2.jpg () Best BBS Advertisement in St. John Gallery
bestbbsad1.jpg () Best BBS Advertisement in St. John Gallery