Author: Dick Roux and Gary McDuffie
Additional Notes:
From the documentation: "The TRS 80 Model 100 can perform the function of a MINI-PBBS and does a good job of it. The program can store 16 active messages and more if the system has more than one message for one person. The program opens individual text files for each message under the call sign of the person the message is for. If a person has more than one message, they are all stored for him in the same file. In this way the system can hold messges untill it runs out of memory. The program constantly monitors available directory space and remaining memory and will not allow any more messages to be entered if it runs out of either. When someone checks on, his mail is checked and he is informed if he has any. He then can Read his mail and is reminded to Kill it after he has read it. There is a onboard HELP and INFO file. The program also gives local control to the SYSOP to read, kill and print ANY mail. The PBBS is set up to Receive AUTO-Forwarded messages from a "BIG" PBBS, but Sending has not been implemented. That requires keeping a large Forwarding list in memory and is not practical on a small machine of this size."
pbbs.bas () PBBS.BA: A Mini-BBS for the Tandy Model 100 Version 3.11 (February 8, 1988)
pbbsdv.bas () PBBS-DV: Disk Version of PBBS.BA Version 3.21 (February 8, 1988)
pbbs.doc () Documentation for PBBS, Memory and Disk Versions.