Author: Keith Alphonso of Alpha Software
Additional Notes:
L. Curtis Boyle writes: "Thought I would give you some extra info on the "L2" BBS by Keith Alphonso (For TRS-80 Color Computer, OS-9). We actually ran a modified version of this at work for years, as it was completely multi-user, and easy to modify. I actually (briefly, couldn't afford the phone bills) ran it for a bit in the late 1980's at home, with 2 phone lines. It had online games (including multi-player), message boards, sysop chats, and multi-user conferencing, where you could invite any users online to join in (including the SYSOP on the host machine. Keith (the author) was also very friendly, and even supplied some source for us to use in the work environment (at one point, we had 8 serial port terminals hooked up to a 1 MB RAM Coco 3 at once!), but the conferencing etc. with up to 8 simultaneous users was pretty well stock from his package. When we had the 8 terminals hooked up, we ran them all at 4800 baud."