Author: Ezra Story
Additional Notes:
Ezra Story writes "I wrote the Original Access Color BBS (ACBBS) on RSDOS, then a more advanced version on OS9. I lost interest and gave the source away to Chris Serino, and I guess they took it from there."

In a newsgroup in December of 2001, Rogelio Perea wrote: "There was yet another CoCo 3 specific BBS package -> AcBBS. The original I am talking about is RSDOS based, an OS9 package bearing the same name appeared later and I think it was modeled after the RSDOS one.

"AcBBS was written by Ezra Story (that's the name in the credits) with the terminal driver being identical to the one used in Ultimaterm (don't recall the author's name... Ken Johnston?). I got that package from a by now fogotten BBS system, documentation was at the bare minimal so getting the BBS up and running was an adventure by itself, I actually set up a test BBS using a stock 512k CoCo 3 with two 5.25" drives and an external 2400 bps modem at the bit banger port.

"It worked great, it had ANSI support (cursor and colors... no extended ASCII characters though). The bundled software even included an ANSI screen editor. AcBBS ran just fine at 2400 bps and there was a driver included for the RS232 pak, something that would make the system move faster. By using 512k a ram disk was implemented and it speeded things up a lot when compared to the software being run in 128k ram.

"On the later years of the FidoNet CoCo echo I remember discussions whizzing by the likes of Carmen Izzy, where the topic was AcBBS under OS9. Maybe someone else has some experience with this BBS software package..."