Author: P. Banz
Additional Notes:
In 2005, the company/person that originally wrote this program still made mention of it on their software website. From www.ceratec.com:

"Even before IBM introduced the original PC, Ceratec was publishing and distributing software for Tandy Computers. Ceratec was the first to transmit color pictures over data lines for public access at a whopping 300 braud. In 1982, we bundled this feature in the commercial release of our COLORAMA BBS. It turned out to be an instant success. Bulletin Board Systems were the early versions of what we now know as Internet portals. The COLORAMA BBS included private and open messaging, forums, online shopping, news, downloads, online games and more. It was multi-language capable, highly customizable and fit in the 32K of what was then the Tandy Color Computer also known as COCO. At the height of the BBS era, over 300 COLORAMA systems were officially online world wide."

At the time this software was put out, the company was called Elgin Systems, since that's the town it was located in, in Texas.

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