Author: Curtis Boyle
Author Contacted?: Yes, actually Curtis mailed ME!
Software Website: https://web.archive.org/web/20020203095501/http://www.sfn.saskatoon.sk.ca/~af960/RSDOS.html
Additional Notes:
Curtis Boyle writes "My original Mustang BBS ran on a TRS-80 Coco 1, and then 3, between 1983 (J-Cat 300 baud modem) to 1988 (Avatex 1200 baud)."

From his website: "This is a BBS system I wrote for the Coco 1, and then the 3, between February of 1983 through till about mid 1988. It was originally based on a BBS from Rainbow magazine called RAINBOARD, although you wouldn't recognize it now. BBS.ARC (use TC31, TC40 or ARCHIVE to unarc it) contains the BBS software. It includes the main BBS, a SYSOP maintenance program, 3 online games, and an ML driver that can handle both 300 & 1200 baud modems (hit 'ENTER' to log in... this is from before I got a Hayes compatible). It is written completely in BASIC, so you can modify it. It even handles limited ANSI output for callers. It requires a Coco 3 with at least 2 disk drives (RAM drives are fine), but be careful if using a large floppy with ADOS, etc. - I used a couple of the last sectors on track 17 for BBS internals, and a large directory could overwrite the BBS stuff, or the BBS could overwrite the last part of your directory! If you just have larger files on the main drive, it should not be a problem."