Author: Eric Greene, from original code by Michael Friedman (Later revisions by Mike Berstein (1985), Tony Ferris (1985) and Timothy Sewell (1986))
Additional Notes:
GREENE MACHINE Software, named after the author, Eric Greene, is actually a nearly ground-up rewrite of R.A.T.S. (Radio Amateur Telecommunication System) by Michael Friedman, which Greene got from Friedman. As a result of this, Greene never considered it something to sell and gave it away freely, including the source code.

From Version 3.0's Documentation: "Greene Machine by Eric Greene of Atlanta, GA <404/972-7947> circa 1982. A BBS and file x-fer system for the Trs-80 model 1/3 under Newdos/80. This is version '3.0' with updates by Mike Berstein of Riverside, CA <714/354-8004> and Tony Ferris of Longmont, CO <303/772-7229> circa 1985. This version supports 300/1200 baud HAYES-type modems under Newdos/80. This system was sent to 8/N/1 #001, as being in the public domain, by Timothy Sewell of Sylmar, CA <818/367-6357> on 05/15/86."

dudovitz.txt () Description of Bugs in the Greene Machine software, by Dan Dudovitz (1998)
kingdgmb.zip () Kingdom Adventure for Greene Machine BBS (BAS) - Author Unknown (19xx)
grnmch3a.zip () Greene Machine BBS v3.0 [a1] for Model I (CMD) - Eric Greene (yyyy)
grnmch3b.zip () Greene Machine BBS v3.0 [a2] for Model I (CMD) - Eric Greene (yyyy)
greene.txt () Eric Greene reminisces about the Greene Machine
greene.jpg () Photo of Eric Greene from BBS Documentary (2002)