Author: Phil Becker (eSoft)
Versions: Version 1.1 (December, 1982)
Additional Notes:
"TBBS (The Bread Board System) was originally sold by eBert Personal Computers. the author of the software was Phil Becker and was writeen in 100% machine language, for the TRS-80 Model I computer. Bought version 1.1 in December of 1982."

"A year or so later, Ebert (can't remember his first name) was no longer associated with TBBS, the company was now called eSoft and was all Phil Beckers. Around 1984 they came out with a CP/M version and an MS-DOS version, both still in 100% ML. A year or so later, the TRS-DOS and CP/M version were dropped." - Tom Whittenburg

"Dave Ebert." - Zac Ryon

tbbs13.zip () TBBS v1.3 (DSK) - ESoft, Inc. (1984)
trs80cru.zip () BBS Disk of "TRS-80 Crusades", an Arizona BBS from the 1980s
dmbprg.zip () Dynamic Message Base Purge for TBBS (BAS) - Author Unknown (19xx)
tbbs13hd.zip () TBBS BBS System v1.3 Hard Drive Update (CMD) - Philip L Becker (1984)