Author: Mike Ward (Flip)
Versions: 1.3
Additional Notes:
From the documentation: "FlipTerm/FlipSide was originally coded in 1991 in Ottawa, where it ran until late 1994. It's a custom BBS package written largely in c99. It was called FlipTerm because originally it was meant to be a terminal package. FlipTerm BBS is pretty strongly hard-coded - making changes will generally require either recompiling the progra m, or hex-editting the files (in which case strings need to be kept shorter or the same length as the original). Sorry. It was never intended as a general purpose BBS. In addition, some of the executables are lost (although we have source), and setting it up is a mess. On the other hand, for the sake of history and perhaps someone learning a neat trick from the code, I've created this package."
flipterm.txt ( 32K) Flipterm Version 1.3 Readme File
fliptermbbs.zip ( 84K) Flipterm BBS Source Code, by Mark Ward (Version 1.3)