Author: Scott Morrow
Author Contacted?: Scott Morrow alerted me to the existence of his software.
Additional Notes:
Scott Morrow writes "The program was called "RazorBBS" and was written by me, Scott Morrow, in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. At it's height, I believe there were approx. 40 or 50 TI99 systems running RazorBBS both in North America and Europe.

"The software was written in TI extended Basic, with calls to TMS9900 assembly language routines to access the serial port using a 300 baud manual modem wired to the joystick port for "ring detect". It supported multiple message bases with what passed for "word wrap" at the time, Xmodem and YModem as well as ASCII file bases. Originally released as freeware in 1982, and then "fairware" in 1984, I continued support till a year or two after the demise of the TI99/4A. Considering that it ran on a 32K computer with a minimum of one 360K disk drive, it was pretty basic in it's functionality compared to later, more complex systems, but in 1982, just having the ability to communicate from a "home computer" was pretty exciting.

"The source code for the program still resides (hopefully) in a box in my basement. It's been stored away for so long, I suspect the old 5 1/4" disks may no longer be readable, but it was made available in a number of shareware software packages as well over the years."

662-2b.dsk () Razor's Edge BBS, Fairware by Scott "Danger" Morrow (3 Images)
662-1.dsk () Razor's Edge BBS, Fairware by Scott "Danger" Morrow (3 Images)
662-2a.dsk () Razor's Edge BBS, Fairware by Scott "Danger" Morrow (3 Images)