Author: Mark Wilson
Additional Notes:
Mark Wilson writes "About 1982/83 I wrote a BBS for the TI99/4A. It was called the 'TIGBBS' or TI General Bulletin Board System. It was written in TI Extended Basic. I believe you needed the 32k expansion card, as well as the PE Box. What made this different from any of the other BBS programs was that it took advantage special features in TI's Terminal Emulator 2 cartridge. The only term. app at the time, that I was aware of. You could add color text (and graphics?) as well as speech if the end user had the TI Speech Synthesizer.

"I did market it via a classified ad in one of the TI magazines. I think I still have the ad somewhere. I sold about a dozen copies but gave up once school started in the fall. I was only 13, after all. I ran my BBS with it for a while but it was difficult with only the 300 baud acoustic modem. I'd have to run in and answer the phone every time someone called.

"I don't think I have copies of it anymore. I lost all of my TI stuff in college when I couldn't afford to pay my mini storage bill one summer. Still bummed about all the old IT mags I lost."