Author: Erik Olsen and Matt Storm
Additional Notes:
Jesse C. Slicer writes "TI-Net was originally authored by Erik Olsen and Matt Storm when they both lived together in Texas. Erik coded most of the communications pieces in TMS 9900 Assembly Language and Matt wrote the Extended Basic BBS management and Gameroom pieces. Circa 1991, Erik owned the software and transferred the ownership to Shirley Slicer, my mother. I extensively rewrote (and commented) the assembly to take advantage of some of the newer hardware advances at the time, notably the 80-column cards cropping up and XModem for hard drives. My mom still owns the software and distribution rights, but there don't appear to be any more BBSs running TI-Net software today. However, all the original equipment that was used to develop our portion of it and ran a BBS ("The Manhattan Project") is still in perfect working order."

From the TI 99/4a timeline site: "March, 1986: Gadego Software of Lubbock, Texas releases the TINet BBS. The program is authored by 14 year old Erik Olson of the Lubbock Users Group, and it wins notoriety as that group's first BBS."