Author: Bryan Wilcutt
Additional Notes:
Bryan Wilcutt writes "In 1985, a BBS named "Zyolog" was created and sold amongst TI 99/4A owners. The author (yours truly) was credited for adding "CRC" to Xmodem, hence "Xmodem-CRC". I worked this effort in conjunction with Ward Christenson who ran Country Cupboards. I ran Zyolog from 1985 to 1990, then ran Sirius Cybernetics [Hawaii] from 1990 to 1993 on an Amiga [you can still google for the name]. Numerous Zyolog BBSs were operated world wide. References to the BBS can still be made to this day by google'ing "Zyolog". The software is copyrighted, I still have the copyright TR sheet from the copyright office. There's a lot of google references to zyolog, I'm the one with "Byte Rider" mentioned."
mp8507.max.pdf () Micropendium Magazine, including mention of Zyolog (July 1985)
tibbslist2.txt () List of TI BBSes from January 13, 1987, including Zyolog BBS in Hawaii
sprntcds.txt () Sprint Codes by the Byte Rider of the ZYLOG ZCBBS