Author: Art Cancro, Nathan Bryant, Michael Hampton, and others
Software Website: http://uncensored.citadel.org/citadel
Additional Notes:
"History: Citadel/UX began in 1987 as a ground-up rewrite of the Citadel-86 system built for multiuser Unix platforms. In the decade that followed, the installed base of Citadel/UX and its derivatives overtook that of all other Citadel variants combined. The software is still in use today, headquartered at UNCENSORED! BBS [http://uncensored.citadel.org] and is now being developed as a messaging platform not only for Internet-connected BBS's, but for e-mail and groupware systems as well." - Art Cancro
c_ux32.zip (200K)
citadel-6.10-i386-linux.tar.gz (1.3M)
citadel-ux-6.13.tar.gz (640K)
citadelux.info (4.0K)