Author: Jason Ward and Mike Loewen
Additional Notes:
Mike Loewen writes " Jason Ward and I wrote a multiuser BBS system for Microsoft Xenix (Unix for microcomputers) called MicroMagic. MicroMagic resembled a Citadel system in that it was room based, but it was written from the ground up without reference to the Citadel code. From what I remember, the system went online around 1984-1985, and ran on Jason's Tandy 6000 in Sumner, WA. We had 4 phones for the BBS, with 2400 baud modems, and a 15Mb hard drive.

"The MicroMagic software was written in C, and was a message board and a real time chat system. There were no files available for download, but the real time chat was very popular. During its heyday, all 4 lines would be busy from about 4:00 P.M. until about 2:00 A.M., with a connect limit of 30 minutes strictly enforced. Users could call back after getting disconnected but chances were someone else with an automatic dialer program would get in first, so users would rotate in and out.

"The MicroMagic software was used briefly by Bob Dinse at Eskimo North in Seattle, before he moved on to other software. The source code for MicroMagic was never released. I moved back East in 1986, and eventually ported the BBS to SunOS and then Linux. I added file uploads and downloads, and a R/O interface to USENET. I ran the BBS in State College, PA for several years as the Centre Programmers Unit BBS, before finally taking it down in 1999."