Additional Notes:
From the website: "Pipo is a BBS (Bulettin Board System). The features of GNU Pipo-BBS include: Text and ANSI interfaces with colour for ANSI compatible terminals. Online help. Telnet connection (socket one planned). Ability to talk instantly to a user connected at the same time as you. Long term messages which can be viewed by non-connected users. They can be seen by all users, a specific group of users or one specific user... Log of recently exchanged messages, available even after logout. Ability to view the list of currently connected users. Mappable keys. Customisation of colours. Robots. Lot of informations available on users (available only with that user's permission). Games. Easy-to-implement multi language system (see Atlantis-BBS implementation). Different types of messages, including ASCII-Art. Discussion lists (a little bit like IRC). A voting system."
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