Derived From: Citadel
Author: Neurophyre (Current Maintainer)
Versions: 1.7 (April, 2002) 1.71 (January, 2005)
Software Website: http://vdoc.evernex.com/
Software Website: https://web.archive.org/web/20080114012342/http://vdoc.evernex.com/
Additional Notes:
From the vDOC website: "vDOC 1.7, pronounced "variant DOC 1.7", is short for DOC 1.7, Fbrd rev 0.3, m0n0, an ungainly name telling the revision levels of various programmers. This may change in the future. DOC is short for "Dave's Own version of Citadel"."

"vDOC is a Citadel-style Internet BBS. It is directly descended from code that the ISCA BBS runs on (or ran on at one time, I don't frequent it so I don't know). I've taken the time to write some very basic documentation for it which covers the main steps involved in setting up a BBS using this software. I've also made some changes to the code, fixed a bug or two, and added some missing menus and such -- the state of the documentation and included files was abysmal when I got ahold of the source, and is now approaching usable, at least for somebody with experience compiling software and such."

Patricia Mergen-Adams (Growf) indicates that vDOC is basically a derivative of JayDOC software, which itself is a derivative of DOC BBS software.

Neurophyre, author of the program, writes in: "I'm just writing to let you know that I'm no longer maintaining vDOC for public release. It's for all practical purposes a dead codebase, though for now it's still up for download at http://vdoc.evernex.com/ and will likely remain there for historical purposes. I have however obtained an independent study at my university to rewrite it from the ground up. It'll be released under a different name with a few significant changes, most significantly a modern client/server architecture and a database back end that doesn't suck. My current roadmap calls for a public beta, namely switching Utopia Dammit! BBS from vDOC to the new package, sometime in October or November. I'll keep you informed."

readme.txt () Introduction to vDOC v1.7 by Neurophyre (2002)
vDOC.tar.gz () vDOC Software Version 1.7 (April 26, 2002)