Author: Justin Zygmont
Software Website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ibbs
Additional Notes:
"This BBS program was written to take full advantage of the UNIX operating system's networking and administration features. Therefore, it is contained in the /usr/local directory structure and relies on UNIX as much as possible. I have not designed this program to pretend it's anything other than what it is, that includes what it's written in. The BBS world has changed signifigantly since the growth of the internet, so you have to expect that some things will be different than your typical 1980's style 2400 baud bbs. So don't complain that you don't think it could work with 1000+ callers a day, there are no fidonet frontends, or no make files. It was also designed to be as simple and flexible as possible."
ibbs-1.0.tar.gz () iBBS Version 1.0