Author: Wes Garland, based on original code by Scott Dudley
Additional Notes:
With the release of the source code for Maximus BBS for DOS and Windows, Wes Garland saw to porting the program to Linux.

From the release notes for this UNIX version:

"This archive contains Maximus/UNIX v3.03 and Squish/UNIX v1.11. Maximus and Squish are Copyright (c) 1989-2003 by Lanius Corporation and Scott J. Dudley. These sources have been released under the terms of the GNU Public Licence. Please see the file LICENSE in this directory for the text of the GNU Public Licence (GPL)."

"Maximus/UNIX and Squish/UNIX are ports for use by UNIX and UNIX-like (Linux, Mac OS/X) operating systems, by Wes Garland."

max-unix-3.03b.tar.gz () "Almost There" Version of Maximus BBS Software for Linux, Version 3.03