Author: Ward Christensen (With Randy Suess doing the Hardware side)
Author Contacted?: Ward has written in! Huzzah!
Interviewed! Ward Christensen Interviewed on February 16-17, 2002
Additional Notes:
Ward Christensen writes "The world's first BBS, CBBS/Chicago. Conceived to mimic a "cork board and push pin bulletin board" ona computer - thus "Computerized Bulletin Board System". Ran on CP/M-8080 with a 300 baud modem. About 20,000 lines of CP/M assembly language. It received almost a quarter million callers on its one phone line over the course of its life."
cbbslink.txt (6.0K) Documentation on Assembling CBBS with LINKASM.COM, by Ward Christensen (July 12, 1981)
cbbs3.txt ( 10K) Collection of Information from Scouring Source of CBBS (November 28, 1981)
cbbs34.txt ( 10K) Changes from CBBS 3.3 to CBBS 3.4, Ideas for the Future (June 18, 1980)
cbbs33.txt (4.0K) Collection of Changes to CBBS 3.3 from CBBS 3.2 (June 22, 1980)
history.txt ( 10K) Comments and Prologues to CBBS up to Version 3.2 (1979) (102K) CBBS Version 3.5 Disk 1 (1981)
cpmnet81.apr.txt ( 10K) Installing a BBS by Ben Bronson, from CP/M-Net (Overview of RBBS and CBBS for CP/M) (April, 1981)
cookbook.txt ( 22K) CBBS Cookbook: A Cookbook for the Installation of a CBBS System 3.5 (November 28, 1981)
interview.txt ( 12K) Interview via Messages with Ward Christensen, heavily Edited, by Keith Petersen (1985)
requirements.txt (2.0K) Requirements to run CBBS 3.5 (June 8, 1980)
chinet.html ( 10K) The Birth of the BBS, by Ward and Randy, 1989
hist033.txt (8.0K) Collection of Updates and Comments to CBBS v3.3 (December 4, 1981)
origin.txt (2.0K) System History of CBBS by Ward and Randy (September 14, 1978)
thoughts.txt (6.0K) Thoughts on CBBS v3.5 by Ward Christensen (March 3, 1980, Revised November 28, 1981)
1981cbbslist.txt (6.0K) List of CBBS Systems in 1981 (Plus Others) (1981)
memories.txt (8.0K) Collection of Memories of writing and running the first BBS by Ward Christensen (Circa 1992)
crcmyst.html ( 34K) The Great CRC Mystery, by Terry Ritter (1986)
cbbssale.txt (4.0K) CBBS Software for Sale: Contract and Pricing, by Randy Suess (September 19, 1981)
3435features.txt (6.0K) CBBS Version 3.4 and 3.5 Feature List, by Ward Christensen (October 23, 1980)
overview.txt ( 16K) An overview of CBBS 3.5 by Ward Christensen (November 28, 1981)
cbbsoper.txt ( 12K) CBBS Operator's Manual, by Ward Christensen (November 28, 1981)
parttime.txt (4.0K) List of Part-Time CBBS Systems (September 27, 1981) (8.0K) Listing of Documentation Associated with CBBS 3.5 (1981) ( 82K) CBBS Version 3.5 Disk 2 (1981)
features35.txt (4.0K) CBBS Features for Version 3.5 (1981)
expert.txt (2.0K) Description of Expert Mode in CBBS