Author: Darrell Turner (Ferrari)
Additional Notes:
"Pancake is a shareware bbs system that supports UUCP mail and news, POP/SMTP, chatting, and telnet, among other things. It will run on virtually any Mac and is exceptionally well behaved."

There is a BBS running Pancake 1.3 at (Specifically, telnet to

The author, Darrell Turner, writes "The basic story of Pancake was I had used Waffle on a MS-DOS based bbs we ran in High School. I tried Hermes, but was unhappy with it's USENET support, and so I wrote Pancake, the Mac version of Waffle, with a little bit of Telegard and WWIV/Hermes through in. I started when I was 17, and when I was 19 I decided to serve a mission for my church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and when I returned, everyone has realtime internet access (not UUCP like before), and BBS's were on the outs. I never finished Pancake entirely, it's has file downloads but for uploads it needs the Communication Toolbox (which barely works)..."

pancake_bbs_13.sit () Pancake BBS Software Version 1.3 (.SIT Archive)
bbs.html () Documentation/Help File for the ObsolYte BBS, running Pancake 1.3
pancake-112.hqx () Pancake BBS Version 1.12
pcakefeat.html () A Listing of Pancake BBS Features
pancakever.html () Pancake Version History Up to Version 1.3