Author: Created by Rusty Tucker (Spider Island Software)
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TeleFinder is a Macintosh BBS program that features a special graphical client for Mac and IBM (DOS) to interface with the BBS. It appears to be possible to interact with the BBS using a command-line connection, however. The BBS is still being commercially sold by Headgap Systems, who have taken it over from Spider Island Software.

Daniel O'Leary writes in "Rusty currently works for Apple Computer, and as such, had to drop support for TF, probably as a condition of his employment. Rather than kill the product outright, he transferred the ability to sell it to Bob Nunn. Another programmer who worked on TeleFinder was Chris Silverberg. Chris previously created set of small programs that allowed TeleFinder to support the Taby Fidonet Mailer, as well as some other useful utilities. After he was hired by Rusty, Chris revamped the mail capabilities into a separate server program that could handle third-party mailers, such as Tabby, MacKennel, as well as SMTP and POP 3 based internet mail and of course, mail between local users. I think that Chris also added the styled text and speech support to the TeleFinder GUI clients for use in Multi-user chat. The styled-text feature also works for mail between users of TF systems, if their accounts are not configured to use POP3. Chris was also involved in CU-SeeMe, the Cornell University video based chat system, which is where he originally developed some of the TF chat enhancements. Chris is now working for Alladin Software."

The credits for TeleFinder Server 5.7.3 give the following credits for TeleFinder: "Software by Rusty Tucker, Chris Silverberg, Jim White, and Bart Zandbergen. Technical writing and editing by Sharon Phillips. Package design and Spider Island "Mander" logon by Drew Dougherty."

diginews.txt () Whither Telefinder? (Rusty's Divestiture of TeleFinder) by Rob Galbraith (January 21, 2000)
telefinderv5.7demo.sea () TeleFinder v5.7 Self-Extracting Demo