Author: Deep Pan Software, David Whatley
Additional Notes:
"If I remember correctly FRPBBS was a 300 baud only BBS system. It was a text only BBS and the author (never knew his real name) was a guy who used The handle of .SpLiTiNfInItY. (Split Infinity). It was a nice little bbs that allowed the Sysop to set up .rooms. for any number of self contained role playing games. A user was made .master. of the game he wished to set up and had control of everything in that room. The master would create a text file to .advertise. the game he wished to host and other users on the system would Submit a request to join. It was the master of the game who decided who would play. It was a very unique concept and was well written. It was a shame he never updated it." - Roy Ayres
frpdo3.txt () Supplemental doc #3
frpsup.txt () Fantasy Role Playing BBS Supplemental Notes.
frpsrc.sda () Source code for the FRP BBS
frpdoc.sda () Documentation for FRP BBS
frpbbs.sda () Program files for FRP BBS () Original C= name was: frpbbs.arc Fantasy Role Playing BBS system for the C64.