IBM and Compatibles: DOS: OPUS
Author: Wynn Wagner III (Later Development by John Valentyn with Doug Boone, Ulf Nilsson and Trev Roydhouse)
Software Website:
oexe_000.txt (4.0K) Documentation Textfile for Opus Version 0.00 (1987) (624K) (104K) OPUS-CBCS BBS Software Verison 1.00 (1987) ( 98K) Opus Computer Based Communications Software Version 0.0 by Wynn Wagner III (1987) (142K) ( 54K) Opus v1.79 Foreign Lanuage Files
opushist.html ( 14K) The History of Opus, by Wynn Wagner (172K) Opus v1.79 Main Executables (736K) Opus v1.79 Utilities (368K) Opus v1.79 Installation Kit (130K) Opus v1.79 Sysop Operations Manual (102K) Opus v1.79 Technical Reference Moanual