IBM and Compatibles: DOS: OPUS
Author: Wynn Wagner III (Later Development by John Valentyn with Doug Boone, Ulf Nilsson and Trev Roydhouse)
Software Website: ( 56K) Opus v1.79 Foreign Lanuage Files (172K) Opus v1.79 Main Executables
oexe_000.txt (4.0K) Documentation Textfile for Opus Version 0.00 (1987) (100K) Opus Computer Based Communications Software Version 0.0 by Wynn Wagner III (1987) (104K) OPUS-CBCS BBS Software Verison 1.00 (1987) (144K) (352K) Opus v1.79 Installation Kit
opushist.html ( 16K) The History of Opus, by Wynn Wagner (640K) (132K) Opus v1.79 Sysop Operations Manual (104K) Opus v1.79 Technical Reference Moanual (768K) Opus v1.79 Utilities