IBM and Compatibles: DOS: WORLDGROUP
Additional Notes:
Worldgroup is the latest version of MajorBBS (MBBS), the last version released by Galacticomm. () Tools and instructions for running MBBS/WG DOS versions on Win32 OS
wg32s.bat () Batch file to run in a CMD.EXE box to setup the environment for WG3NT compiles using mknt () Worldgroup 3.3 Source Code Dev Kit () Worldgroup v3.2 CD-ROM ISO () Worldgroup 1.01 (DOS) Source Install () Updated WorldLink Tele DLL to allow for the shared WL teleconference channel () Worldgroup v3.12 CD-ROM ISO () Worldgroup 2.0 (DOS) Source Install () Worldgroup Manager for Windows XP (Fix) () Worldgroup Manager is a freely distributible communications program that works as an ANSI terminal program and telnet client under Windows 3.1 for calling any online service or BBS. However, when connected to Worldgroup servers over the Internet or via dial-up modem, it shifts into a client/server environment with a Windows-based multimedia interface matching the best of the "Big Three" online services and the World-Wide Web. () Borland C++ 5.01 (needed for WG3NT)
netVilla.doc () How to setup the WG3 source kit () Worldgroup v1.01 for UNIX CD-ROM ISO () () Visual Basic 4 Pro Setup () Visual Basic 3 PRO Setup () Worldgroup 3.2 Source Kits (Client/Server/IS5/Docs) () Galacticomm ICO (Internet Connectivity Option) v2 for MBBS/WG DOS () ICO Telnet Server w/ MultiPort v2006.01 () WorldGroup v2.0 (six zip files) () Flash Protocol Developers Kit
wg22.bat () Batch file to run in a CMD.EXE box to setup the environment for WG2DOS compiles using mkv2p () Worldgroup v3.0 CD-ROM ISO () Borland C++ 4.52 (needed for WG2, WG1?) () Worldgroup 3.3 Win32 Install CD-ROM