Author: Richard Duncan
Additional Notes:
Widely used package, especially after appearing in a series of articles in Rainbow magazine. - Allen Huffman

Richard Duncan writes "CoBBS was written in reply to a challenge from a group of people running TBBS on a R/S Model I computer in which they said it was not possible. Well, it was even with the limited memory, processor speed, etc. All my documents, disks, etc have been lost. Was hoping to find it on the internet, but so far only a few links like yours."

angelich.txt () Statement about CoBBS by Charles Angelich (May 25, 2005)
rduncan.txt () Statement by Richard Dunction in Response to Charles Angelich (July 6, 2005)
cobbs12.zip () CoBBS (Color BBS) Version 1.2 by Richard Duncan (1985) (Converted to .ZIP)
cobbs.dsk () CoBBS (Color BBS) Version 1.2 by Richard Duncan (1985)