Author: Ryan Gesler
First Created: v1.0 released in December 9, 1996, but worked on for years before
Versions: 1.0 (Released on USENET by Frederick Gotfredson)
Additional Notes:
Released by Fred Gotfredson, written by Ryan Gesler. This Apple II BBS program was billed as a work-in-progress that was being released simply because they had reached a critical mass in time and effort and decided to make sure the world got it. Files within the .SHK archive that was released by Fred Gotfredson in 1996 show some files going back to 1993.

If the files inside are any indication, Acropolis BBS Software was in use from 1993 onwward on Ryan Gesler's BBS, "Apple Seeds". It appears to be a Citadel clone, which would make it rather unusual for the Apple II platform. Beyond that, the system appears to have inter-BBS networking capability with other Acropolis BBSes (that is, all the Acropolis BBSes call each other at 3am and transfer messages between each other). () Acropolis Online Help: New User Tutorial by Fred Gotfredson and Ryan Gesler (1993)
acropolis.2of7 () Acropolis BBS. UUEncoded, Part 2 of 7
acropolis.3of7 () Acropolis BBS. UUEncoded, Part 3 of 7
acropolis.1of7 () Acropolis BBS. UUEncoded, Part 1 of 7
acropolis.4of7 () Acropolis BBS. UUEncoded, Part 4 of 7
acropolis.5of7 () Acropolis BBS. UUEncoded, Part 5 of 7
acropolis.txt () Acropolis Documentation, from .SHK Archive
acropolis.trans.txt () Acropolis Online Help: File Transfers by Fred Gotfredson and Ryan Gesler (1993)
acropolis.7of7 () Acropolis BBS. UUEncoded, Part 7 of 7
acropolis.shk () Acropolis v1.0 .SHK Archive, generated from Usenet Posting
acropolis.6of7 () Acropolis BBS. UUEncoded, Part 6 of 7